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Temperature & Viscosity Control – NOT REQUIRED!

Posted by Mark Portelli

Jun 25, 2020 2:34:25 PM

Someone recently asked me which applications are the most challenging for us when implementing viscosity and temperature control systems. When I thought about it for a second, it came to me. Dealing with viscosity and temperature variation is easy. We have been doing it for over thirty years. Installing, implementing and optimizing our systems is very straightforward. Making the decision on whether you should install one of our systems is the challenging part.

Not for everybody

Think about it. Many of you are already operating without any means of process temperature or viscosity control. Why add another piece of equipment and spend the money when you already have a process? You should ask that question. Now, here comes the challenging part for Saint Clair Systems. Maybe you shouldn’t.

Not every application is ideal for our solutions. So how do we determine whether it makes sense for your application? We ask a series of questions related to your application and look for potential improvement opportunities. These questions are not just related to the process itself but rather to the results you are seeing. Questions include gathering information related to defects, rejects, material usage, solvent usage, rework, etc. Only when you are armed with the potential costs of temperature and viscosity variation can you determine whether it is worth investing any time, effort or money.

Does it make sense?

Since not everyone has these numbers at their fingertips or are often unwilling to share them with us, (which I understand), we provide them with a tool to help evaluate the costs themselves. While they are compiling cost information, we are using our proprietary equipment sizing process to determine the equipment that would handle the job. Sometimes it makes sense to continue the process of evaluating a solution and sometimes it doesn’t.

Screenshot_2020-06-11 Copy of Demo Decision - https app superwebpros com entryPoint=download id=5ee0d77c9f20332b5Because determining whether our solutions are a good fit for your process is the most challenging thing we do, we’ve created several new options for people to evaluate how we may be able to work together. A great place to start is a simple 10 multiple-choice review that can be found here. If that doesn’t interest you, near the bottom of that web page you will find several other options. All the way from a simple online rating of your process, to a demonstration unit where you decide with your process, your data and your results.

We understand that our equipment is not necessarily required, but it's never been easier to determine if you would benefit.

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