Saint Clair Systems Temperature Control Technology to be Featured at International Conference

    Posted by Rob Gladstone

    Jul 14, 2016 3:50:59 PM


    Vice President Michael Bonner to present at 1st Automotive Steel Summit in Delhi, India

    WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN – Saint Clair Systems’ temperature control technology will be highlighted during the 1st Automotive Steel Summit, to be held Friday, July 22 in Dwarka, Delhi, India.

    The 1st Automotive Steel Summit brings together steelmakers, automotive manufacturers and auto suppliers to focus on the contributions provided by and the challenges facing both the steel and automotive industries in India.

    Saint Clair’s Vice President of Engineering & Technology, Michael Bonner, will deliver his presentation, “Making Sealer Behave: A Cost Effective Approach to Extending the Life of the Automobile Body,” during the Technology & Innovation session of the conference.

    Mr. Bonner’s presentation will examine how controlling the temperature of sealer materials during the application process can deliver consistent and repeatable results for auto body manufacturers while providing long-term benefits for the vehicle. The presentation also includes details on a project that helped Tata Motors resolve frequent and unpredictable line stoppages caused by dispense pressure faults in body shop sealer cells at the manufacturer’s facility in the city of Pune.

    For more information on the 1st Automotive Steel Summit, visit the event page at


    Click here to request a copy of the presentation and download the Saint Clair Systems/Tata Motors case study to see how SCS' customized temperature control solutions were able to produce stable and repeatable results for the auto manufacturer.

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