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Saint Clair Systems Presenting at Waterborne Symposium

Posted by Rob Gladstone

Feb 22, 2017 1:23:58 PM

Waterborne Symposium image coating technology

New Orleans technical conference focuses on sustainable materials and practices in coating and related fields.

WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN – Saint Clair Systems’ Vice President of Engineering & Technology Michael Bonner will deliver a presentation at the Waterborne Symposium from 9:00-9:30 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 24.

The Waterborne Symposium, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, highlights environmentally-friendly coating practices and emerging technologies related to materials, processes, production, characterization, applications, and markets in the field of surface coating.

The conference is attended by professionals involved in research and development, technical and marketing aspects of the coatings industry, and various member in related academic fields.

Mr. Bonner’s presentation, “Leveraging Temperature to Control Modern Coating Dispensing Operations,” looks at how temperature variations at the point of application can affect the performance of various coating formulations.

The presentation will examine the connection between viscosity and temperature and explore how variations in this relationship can have a far-reaching impact on the performance of the coating system.

The Waterborne Symposium is an annual technical conference organized and executed by faculty, staff, and students of the School of Polymers and High Performance Materials at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Proceeds from the conference are used for various elements of academic program development at USM, including equipment acquisition and maintenance, junior faculty development, graduate student stipends, and scholarships for undergraduate students. Learn more about the Waterborne Symposium by visiting


Click here to request a copy of SCS' Waterborne Symposium presentation: “Leveraging Temperature to Control Modern Coating Dispensing Operations.”


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