8 Points That Indicate You May Be Losing Millions On Your Coating Line

    Posted by Mike Bonner

    Jun 13, 2013 10:47:00 AM

    describe the imageWhat would you do if you visited a manufacturing/production plant that had spent hundreds of millions on world-class robotics and automation, employed the finest people, and ran what appeared to be the most efficient process; yet at the same time was leaving millions of dollars on the table every year because they were missing a simple solution?

    Welcome to the world that we at Saint Clair live in. Having implemented LEAN-manufacturing processes ourselves; we certainly understand the long-term benefit of these types of major investments. Yet, at the same time that companies are making these major investments, there’s a myopic approach about managing the day-to-day process, and it’s costing you millions in lost costs and opportunities. What’s worse, the fix is neither a major investment, nor a long-term return.

    As sure as the sun rises in the morning, if you’re manufacturing/producing products where dispensing fluids is an integral part of your process, and you are not controlling the fluctuation of temperature at the point of application, you are losing money, accepting lower quality than necessary and exposing yourself to greater long-term risks and liabilities.

    You know you’re leaving real money on the table if:

    1. You haven’t reduced the solvents you use in your production process by at least 50% (and more along the lines of 75 – 90%).
    2. Finish defects like run & sag, orange peel, insufficient film build, etc. haven’t been virtually eliminated.
    3. Rework costs for painting, coating and finishing haven’t been nearly eliminated because first-pass yields are so high.
    4. Customer rejections and/or warranty claims are not measurably below corporate objectives. 
    5. Rejects for bonding strengths aren’t eliminated.
    6. You’re utilizing people to manage the adjustment for changing conditions, seasons or times of the day.
    7. You haven’t been able to streamline a complex, multi-vendor supply chain because you no longer need to worry about color, coating or consistency misalignments between vendors.
    8. You’re not consistently increasing the capacity on your line, while simultaneously reducing the costs to support it.
    Every item on this list is directly impacted by the ability to control the fluctuation of temperature at the point of application. Companies that deploy this simple, elegant approach enjoy tremendous productivity, quality and cost advantages from the day of implementation. Others are forced to continually invest in the long-term, hoping that cost savings show up.

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