Controlling The Uncontrollable

    Posted by Mike Bonner

    May 14, 2013 10:12:00 AM

    It’s not what you know that hurts you; it’s what you think you know that ain’t so.

    - Mark Twain

    Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about how your beliefs impact the costs and quality of your manufacturing process?

    controlling uncontrollable temperatureYou may be thinking, “What do my beliefs have to do with costs?”  The answer is quite a bit.

    Everyday you (and everybody else) make decisions that are highly dependent on what you believe to be true.  A critical core belief that is rarely thought about is what you believe to be outside of your control.

    It’s a natural, necessary coping mechanism that allows us to believe we are maximizing the results we can achieve with the time we have.  After all, we’ve been taught that it’s a complete waste of time to focus on things you can’t control.  But, think about this question for a moment:

    What if you could control what you believe to be uncontrollable?

    One of the fastest and least disruptive areas that can be controlled to the great benefit of business results is the temperature fluctuation of fluids in a manufacturing, painting or sealing process. What’s interesting is that only a fraction of companies are taking advantage of the power of point-of-application temperature control.

    After working with hundreds of the most powerful manufacturers in the world, we’ve learned the primary reason that companies are leaving, literally, hundreds of millions of dollars on the table is that they simply don’t know it’s possible.  And because of that don’t even know to look for the systems that make controlling easy.

    They spend hundreds of millions of dollars reengineering the manufacturing process.  They go through the pain and disruption of becoming LEAN.  They spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in an attempt to control the ambient temperature of a room, and yet they waste millions of dollars of materials, and lose hundreds of millions of capacity because they fail to control temperature at the point of application.

    It’s always a good idea to test your assumptions.  Take the opportunity now and see what beliefs you may have that are costing you every day.


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