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The Cost of Poor Temperature Control

Posted by Mike Bonner

Apr 15, 2013 11:07:00 AM

describe the imageWhen your body temperature varies, you add or remove layers. When the temperature of your manufacturing process varies, you lose money.

They don’t have a sweater for that.

Many people already know that effective temperature control saves money. Just ask anyone who’s ever installed a new high-efficiency furnace in their home. 

So when people ask about the cost of temperature control, it’s fair to offer them a question in return: “what would it cost if you didn’t control your temperature?”

The Hidden Costs of Poor Temperature Control

Naturally, big manufacturers with high-volume output stand to save the most money from effective temperature control. Even reducing the usage of a simple product like cutting solvent by 25% can result in a major change in your manufacturing costs when you work with heavy volume.

What you already spend on cutting solvents – or any material for that matter – shows up on your bottom line. But what doesn’t show up on your bottom line is how much less these industrial materials could cost if you controlled the temperature of the application process.

To calculate the hidden costs of temperature variations in your dispensing system, you need to look at all of the costs of your manufacturing process and weigh them against the cost and quality gains if those temperature variations were eliminated. There are no guarantees, but if your system is not effectively controlled, there’s a good chance you stand to save a lot.

Eliminating Process Temperature Variations

Most people find that the cost of temperature variation is not only embedded into the manufacturing process, but comes as a result of non-existent or ineffective temperature control systems.

Additionally, a specialized temperature solution, built around your manufacturing point-of-application can save money on every dispense.

You don’t have to be an expert in temperature control to understand the impact that controlling temperature can have on your costs and quality. You simply have to ask yourself a direct question: how much will the inability to accurately control the temperature of your dispensing process cost you this year?

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