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Welcome to the Business of Temperature Blog

Posted by Mike Bonner

Mar 8, 2013 9:25:00 AM

temperature control Have you ever heard of the “Goldilocks Zone”?

In any solar system, there is a narrow swath of real estate around the sun in which a planet given Earth’s unique blend of atmosphere, size, and gravity could support life.  Yup, it’s “just right!”

Lucky for us, in this solar system there is one planet to be found there: ours!


The lesson?

In life, the smallest degrees of change often make the biggest differences.

That truth applies to planet-sized problems just as it applies to challenges in business and manufacturing. Zoom in closely enough on any one specific detail, and over time you’ll notice that detail doesn’t just have consequences in your facility – it affects your bottom line.

At Saint Clair Systems, our primary focus is point of dispense temperature control. But the results we achieve for our partners extend far beyond the temperature of the paint, coating, sealer, adhesive, lubricant, or any other fluid they are dispensing. The importance of temperature plays out from the quality of your product to both the short- and long-term costs you pay for manufacturing. By controlling a variable as powerful as temperature, you squeeze the highest degree of operational advantage out of your process.

Here at The Business of Temperature Blog, we’ll explore the fundamental relationship between temperature and manufacturing. But we’ll dig a little deeper than that as well.

We’ll delve into how temperature affects viscosity, and why a fluid at two different temperatures is not the same fluid after all. We’ll explore how temperature impacts areas of your business that may be in your blind spot. And we’ll highlight the most commonly-made mistakes when it comes to controlling temperature in manufacturing processes.

We at Saint Clair Systems understand the impact of temperature on your process – not just on the viscosity of your fluids but on the bottom-line dollars you spend to maintain a safe, high-quality, low-cost manufacturing operation. And we’ve started this blog not only to explain what we do, but to explain why what we do matters – and why it should matter to you.

We welcome you, and your comments and insights, to The Business of Temperature Blog!

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