Friday, April 6, 2012

Temperature Control of Inks and Coatings

Norcross will be showing a new invention at drupa 2012. This addresses, in a unique way, the challenge of adjusting the temperature of inks and coatings. This new device, whose name and photo cannot be revealed until May 3 (due to patent and trademark filing requirements), has spent several years in development and testing. On one test, a heating system was putting 43,000 joules per minute of energy into the test
system. This same device was extracting 64,000 joules per minute. The flow of the simulated ink was 2.7gpm/10 liters per minute. The cooling water was flowing at 2gpm/8 liters per minute. The simulated ink temperature was 48˚C and the cooling water 10˚C. The inking system saw a drop in temperature of 6˚C in approximately 10 minutes. There was no pressure drop in either the ink or cooling water flows. The gross volume of simulated ink was 15 gallons/60 liters.

This device mounts directly IN the ink line! It has no electric or pneumatic components and thus can be used in any location. It is standard with Stainless Steel and Delrin, but can be made with other materials. It is designed to work on the low-pressure systems found in printing and coating applications all over the world.

Norcross is so excited to be bringing this to the world at drupa 2012. It can be used as a stand-alone, manually controlled device, or tied to automated controls supplied by either Norcross or your own PLC.

Simple, sensitive, reliable, rugged, elegant, innovative – come see us at us at Hall 15 Booth A23-2 at Drupa or contact us.

“For years Norcross has had our viscosity control customers asking about temperature compensation and/or control, and for years there have been efforts by others to provide such. But this design is new, different and perfect. I am ‘psyched.’” Reports Norcross Corporation’s President – Robert Norcross, Jr.