Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Can Control My pH by Controlling My Viscosity ??

Not !!

In the trade the rumor has been spread that one can control pH by controlling viscosity. Technically this is totally false and chemically is impossible.

It can be made correct only if the speaker adds " you can control your pH by controlling viscosity only if you add some amine to your water supply.Thus as the viscosity changes and water is added you get a little amine with each water addition. However, this is indirect control and you need to guess how much you contaminate your water supply with amine.

In reality they are two different characteristics of fluid - one is physical and one is chemical. If your pH never changes then you can do just viscosity control, BUT,  if you have to hand check your pH and ever need to have an operator add some amine then YOU NEED to control pH separate from Viscosity. To think otherwise is to think counter to science.